week in Arizona

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week in Arizona

Post by Pulk on Sat Jun 28, 2008 10:44 pm

I went on a trip with my parents June 13-21, a week in AZ then 2 days in Vegas. From the 22nd till now I've been taking and sorting through photos... even though a good portion of them were taken in hotel rooms along the way before I even got back.

IDs on anything not ID'd would be extremely helpful.

Casa Grande, AZ

Steatoda sp.

this was on the border between the desert and a parking lot for trucks behind starbucks.

Gila Bend - 1 night

across the road from the motel

queen, different sp.

shield/stink bug (pentatomidae) - Chlorochroa sayi?

bark-gnawing beetle - Temnoscheila sp.

this does not even come close to doing it justice.

toward Portal


cicada exuvia

closest thing to a T for the entire trip

Portal - 2 nights

portal is a very interesting place. i met barney from hatari inverts there... apparently this was the worst possible time of year to go, but he suggested some (successful) places to look for bugs.

i found this very amusing

this queen is 1.6 cm body length and was carrying what looked like larvae.
the diversity and size of the ants (everywhere in AZ) was impressive. (i only figured out what had been happening later, but i got to see a colony of one species raiding another!)

with so many ants... TONS of antlions

i'm pretty sure this is the nest of the species above

wasp 2

wasp 3

wasp 4 - digger wasp?

i found 12 of these little brown scorps, each solitary under its own rock.

gnaphosid or corinnid

selenopid crab spider (selenopidae)


decent size, 1.75-2" in the photo. she's made a sac.

Arenivaga sp.?

dead, but 7 cm!

carpenterworm moth

lichen moth - Lycomorpha fulgens

this moth flew directly in front of the car (driving slowly) for maybe 100 yards.

tiger moth - Grammia sp. (closest i can find is nevadensis)

unknown amphiesmenopteran (:})

this is a caddisfly and not just a black moth, right?

Gryllus sp.

Gryllus sp.?

i caught this cricket just finishing its molt... you don't see that too often.

milkweed bug - Lygaeus sp. (kalmii?)

this and the following coreids were at the Southwestern Research Station.

leaffooted bug - Chelinda sp. (coreidae)

i think this adult is another coreid species.

leafhopper nymph?

it exhibited the most tantalizingly anthropomorphizable behavior ever: it would pause, then lift and wave one front leg -exactly- like humans wave hello. it also did a cool camouflaging side-to-side motion. make sure to "watch in high quality" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dloIku3Vklg

assassin bug (reduviidae)

found at a light at night, eating an ant queen.

bloodsucking conenose/kissing bug - Triatoma rubida (reduviidae)

found at the same light about 10 seconds later.

giant water bug - Abedus sp. (herberti?)

i wasn't interested in aquatic insects whatsoever, but this bug is awesome! it's in distilled water right now; would bottled water (or something else) be better?

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Re: week in Arizona

Post by Pulk on Sat Jun 28, 2008 10:44 pm

bombardier beetles - Brachinus sp.

just like josh_r and the author of For Love of Insects described, there was a bunch of them running around under a rock - it was really cool to see it in the wild. they're only ~1 cm.

tiger beetle

pleasing fungus beetle - Gibbifer californicus


there were lots of these in a small area. i'm assuming they're hatchlings (just over 1 cm bl)

dragonfly exuvia

damselfly naiad

white velvet ant, actually a wasp - Dasymutilla gloriosa


these were extremely abundant in the place i was flashlighting. the extended legspan is 5.5 inches!

antlion adult 1

i think they do this as a threat posture.

antlion 2

i'm guessing the eye isn't supposed to look like that, but it's interesting.

antlion 3

after seeing all the pits the first day, i remarked that it would be cool to see adults that night... and i did, for the first time.

unknown mygalomorph - dipluridae? (Euagrus?)

i was pretty excited to find these (two). this is the web under a rock, and habitat. the larger one, pictured, is almost 2 cm bl.


Lake Roosevelt area

pipevine swallowtail - Battus philenor

the plant they were on (pictured) isn't a pipevine. i don't know what they were doing there, considering they weren't pupating.

Plectreurys sp. (plectreuridae)

she was right next to a -perfectly- preserved scorpion molt. :?
i bred members of this genus a few months ago - http://www.arachnoboards.com/ab/showthread.php?t=125340

forest south of Holbrook

the bones were lying out like this, only 25 yards or so from the road.


Scolopendra polymorpha

it's a little yellower in real life than in the picture. but look at those terminal legs!


ticks & tick eggs

there were ten or so under the rock, 3-4 mm bl. i found some very similar ones in Flagstaff.

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Re: week in Arizona

Post by Pulk on Sat Jun 28, 2008 10:45 pm

Holbrook/petrified forest - 2 nights

petrified wood

collared lizard

these are actually pretty plentiful.

plateau striped whiptail - Aspidoscelis velox

unknown orthopteran

male velvet ant

only about 6 mm

Chinle/Canyon de Chelly - 1 night

another antlion

video: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pulk/2619635276

Flagstaff - 1 night

another cicada molt

this cicada molt has pigmentation, unlike the other one (which is the tan color of pede and scorp exuviae)

crab/thomisid and scolopendromorph shell

they were under the same rock.


tiny, only 8 mm bl

this one was typical solifugid size.
it looked cool on the black gravelly sand substrate of sunset crater... it is a beautiful and unusual national monument.

tenebrionidae - Eleodes obscurus?

they were pretty big, close to 1.25"

no idea what these beetles are, but they are a lot like ironclads (both
movements and body structure), and even better at playing dead. one actually convinced me.


her burrow was under a rock.
while i was photographing it she ran some distance into the undergrowth. i highly doubt she'll find her way back. Sad
i took 3 of 8 easily visible eggs... any advice on incubating them?

Phrynosoma hernandesi

any recommendations for cheap harvester ants?

Scolopendra polymorpha

this pede was under a rock -just- outside of the national monument (phew). at first i thought it was injured, but upon closer inspection it became clear that it was about to molt RIGHT then. my parents were generous enough to wait in the car for 50 minutes or so, for me to film it.

video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vyid3gF-RDk

Las Vegas (2 nights)

only thing worth photographing in Vegas. they wouldn't let us take pictures of O.


variation in antlion eyes (far right is from Encinitas, the day i got back Very Happy)

AZ ants - correct relative sizes (middle in 4th row is 1 cm bl)

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Re: week in Arizona

Post by josh_r on Mon Jun 30, 2008 12:20 pm

its really too bad i couldnt meet up with ya. woulda been fun!

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Re: week in Arizona

Post by John Apple on Mon Jun 30, 2008 2:50 pm

THREE DAYS MAN , I'll be there....this is all new and exciting to me as I am an easterner

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Re: week in Arizona

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